It is not fair that pit bulls get blamed and tagged as “vicious”  because SOME are used for fighting.  Some should be none.  A  lot of people think pit bulls are always mean, aggressive animals.  But they aren’t.  They’re dogs, just like any other breed.  Comment and tell me what is the first thing that comes to mind when you her the words “pit bulls”

A wheelbarrow of cuteness
A wheelbarrow of cuteness

4 thoughts on “HELP PITBULLS

  1. Pitbulls can be wonderful pets, friendly and loveable. They are a strong breed and can also be protective, however. It’s up to their people to train them and keep them under control just like any other dog.

      1. Pitbulls are wonderful pets, they are loyal, some very pretty, strong, protective, lovable, can be good with kids if raised right. It’s ALL up to the owners on how you treat them. There like any other dog. Every dog can get aggressive. Pitbulls just have such a bad rap because they were bred for pit fighting.I just hate it because so many of them don’t have homes.

  2. Another thing that comes to mind when i hear “pit bull” Is a very sweet loving family dog. If you don’t train them to fight then you should be fine. Also if you treat them right you should be fine

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