Animals suffering, in particular puppy mills

Did you know that every year, millions of animals are hurt.  It doesnt matter if through purposefull abuse, or accidental, the animals still suffer.  There are many ways to show support.  One is to donate to the ASPCA.  Another is to insted of buying a pet from say a pet store or breeder, adopt one from the spca.  Did you know most pet store puppys were bred in puppy mills?  This makes them prone to things like birth defects, illness, or aggressive or fearful behavior.   Look below to see some of the conditions puppys in puppy mills deal with.  Lastly, connecticut is trying to pass a new law for our state that says pet stores, starting in 2016, can only sell puppys and kittens from a rescue or a non profit organization.


One thought on “Animals suffering, in particular puppy mills

  1. When i see this, it makes me sick. I can’t believe people would do such a thing. obisibly they will be prone to more because on puppy mills, they really just have them to breed dogs, once they have puppies, they really don’t take care of them much.

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