Destination…Beagle freedom

The beagle freedom project is a group in California that rescues beagles from laboratories.  Every year, millions of animals are tested on in labs for anything from medicine that could be tested other ways to cosmetics people don’t really need.  These animals usually get killed after the experiments.  However, a lucky few dogs are getting to experience lives as real dogs.  The  beagle freedom project takes dogs from labs after testing and finds them homes.  These dogs have often had little to no socialization and are terrified, but they quickly learn the world can, and for them will ,be more than a lab and a small steel cage. They get to learn what love and affection are, and become great, sweet, loving pets. How they react after feeling grass for the first time is heartbreaking, but it is incredible to see how resilient these dogs are, and how fast they ajust


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