Laws about abuse passed in CT 2013 and what they mean

Hi.  This post will tell you about all the laws regarding animal abuse passed in CT in 2013.

The first law is H.B. 5027.  This law creates a group of people to investigate inhumane treatment of dogs and cats in shelters.  The part that said that all animals would have to come from a humane shelter, however, was not passed

Next is H.B. 5844.  This law prohibits dogs being chained outside in extreme weather conditions.  It did not include a part that said all dogs must have shelter.  This was also proposed but it was cut from the bill.

Then there is H.B. 6329.  This bill allows students to not have to watch or do an animal dissection as part of a class.

These are the important laws regarding animal safety and happiness passed in the 2013 legislative season.  Hopefully all the parts that got cut are passed next year.


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