Stop pitbull fights

This video shows 5 things you can do to end dogfighting.


Another law supporting animals

There is a new law that says that it is against the law to even ATTEND a dog fight or to bring a minor.  This is a major step towards stopping dogfights.


Hi its me again.  I have noticed a troubling problem.  NOONE IS COMMENTING.  I have over 240 views but have not had a comment in forever.  I wish more people would say that they care about animals.  Say how you care about them.  Thanks, bye.

The way animals are hurt

Animals are hurt in a number of ways.  First, they can be physically hurt, on purpose or not.  Next, they can be emotionally hurt.  This is one of the most common.  Lastly, they can be hurt by being made to breed over and over and over.  This is usually in a puppy mill (see that post to learn more).  That is a very bad, and illegal, form of abuse. 

stop animal abuse puppy flashing

Poll on if you saw abuse

Horse Slaughter Farms

Have you heard the legislator will allow a horse slaughter farm to open in Oklahoma?  Well, I have, and I HATE it.  its bad enough any animal needs to be slaughtered, but I love horses and DONT want to see them eaten like the pictures say, a horse is born to run.  It is not born to be eaten.End Slaughter noslaughter_new

Horse Slaughter

Not long ago, people aproved a horse slaughter farm in New Mexico.  First of all, horse slaughter is very, very cruel.  Also, the meat is BAD FOR HUMANS.  It could help you get really sick.  I dont get why anyone would kill an animal as nice as a horse just for meat that is really not safe to eat.  Please put your comments on the subject.